Home Study Approved (Adoption #2)!

We are long over due for an update on Adoption #2. After months of paperwork and meetings, we were approved to adopt another child (or children in the case of twins) the end of January, almost two years to the day that we were approved for Wes’ adoption. Time has gone by so fast since then with watching Wes grow too fast and life feeling so busy. But a part of me feels like time goes too slow and that it will until all of my babies are home. I want to enjoy every minute of my life now, but I also wish that the waiting and wondering wasn’t so hard. I think part of my lack of updating this blog is that I feel guilty for feeling this way. I already have a child and I know that many families who started the adopted process with us the first time around are still waiting for their first child.  This second time waiting my arms aren’t empty. And my life is full….with a toddler who is currently dancing on the dining room table after somehow just turning on a Pearl Jam song no the iPad!?!? But needless to say, my heart is ready and wanting our next child so much. I can’t wait for he or she to become part of our family and I’m so excited for Wes to be a big brother.

Once we were approved end of January, we were added to the profile book waiting list at #18. So networking is likely our best shot at finding a match right now which means any help you can give us through word of mouth, liking us on Facebook, or sharing our story would be much appreciated! You may be the one to help us find our next child!

In unrelated news (because we needed some pictures in this post), Craig’s parent recently spoiled us by taking us to Disney World in honor of Craig’s mom’s birthday (even though we ended up being there over my birthday).

open adoption

We had such a great time defrosting from the polar vortex we’ve been living in for months….

Open Adoption

going on lots of fun rides and….open adoptionwatching Wes get his mack on with the ladies! =)

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  1. Jenna says:

    Yay! So happy for you guys!

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