Adoption #2 Update

It’s time for a little update on adoption #2! The easy part of is done! What do I mean by easy?

  • 15 Agency required forms with answers to more questions then I can count
  • 2 sets of finger prints/background checks (and 2 fun trips to county jail)
  • 2 physicals
  • 2 sets of pay stubs
  • 1 tax return
  • 1 copy of health insurance coverage
  • 3 reference letters (thank you to our amazing friends who wrote these!)
  • 1 family photo

*We got to skip a few steps since this is our second time applying to our agency.

We should be assigned a social worker soon to start our home study!

This is how babies are made in our family! It’s very romantic. Craig should have at least taken me out to dinner, right? But seriously, it is a relief to be done with this part. It really is the easy part because it’s the only part we can control. Getting our stuff together, getting it done. The hard part is ahead and it’s both exciting and scary because it’s not in our control and it’s all a complete unknown of what, when, how.

In the meantime, our boys only family, Wes and our nephews, are tearing apart our house entertaining us with…

2013-09-18 20.21.29-2

forts,2013-09-18 20.29.07

couch jumping, and

2013-09-18 20.32.23

general goofiness!

2 Responses to “Adoption #2 Update”

  1. Jenna & Rich says:

    Exciting! Cute pics!

  2. Berni Purkey says:

    So very happy for the “3” of you. Babies are such a blessing and you are a great little family. God will bring another child to your home and your hearts. xoxo

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